20 Healthy Kid-Approved Gluten-Free Snack Ideas

20 Healthy Kid-Approved Gluten-Free Snack Ideas! Lots of great ideas here. My kids especially love the fruit kabobs!

Our family loves to snack, but since we don’t eat gluten, it can be a challenge to find healthy snacks! Here are some of our family’s favorite kid-approved gluten-free snacks.

1. Apples with Nut Butter

One of my all-time favorite snacks is an apple with almond butter. Cut an apple into wedges and serve with a scoop of your favorite nut butter. Couldn’t be simpler.

2. Popcorn with Coconut Oil and Sea Salt

We avoid bagged popcorn because of the chemicals and artificial flavoring and instead enjoy homemade popcorn! Simply heat a spoonful of coconut oil in a saucepan, add some popcorn kernels when hot, and POP! Sprinkle with some real sea salt and you won’t even miss the bagged stuff.

3. Blue Corn Chips with Guacamole

My list would not be complete without my favorite food – guacamole! I like to layer it with salsa and shredded cheese and serve it with organic blue corn chips.

4. Raw Veggies with Homemade Ranch Dip

Getting your kids to eat their veggies doesn’t have to be a chore! Serve raw veggies like carrot sticks, celery, bell pepper sticks, and sugar snap peas with a yummy dip like homemade ranch (stir the seasoning mix into sour cream for a dip consistency).

5. Smoothies

You really can’t go wrong with smoothies! Plus, you can hide all kinds of good-for-you ingredients in them! Our favorites: simple strawberry-banana smoothie and chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie.

6. Homemade Trail Mix

Most store-bought trail mixes contain unwanted ingredients like sugar and oil. I buy my nuts in bulk so that I can quickly and easily make homemade trail mixes. We like our trail mix made with almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and raisins.

7. Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are such a fun treat! They’re like mini popsicles! Freezing grapes is pretty self-explanatory, but here is a step-by-step tutorial for freezing grapes if you need it.

8. Mini Muffins

Muffins made with almond or coconut flour are perfect for those who can’t have gluten. We love these pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins!

9. Kale or Squash Chips

Kale chips are all the rage and couldn’t be easier to make. We also love squash chips for a healthier potato chip alternative.

10. Yogurt with Fruit

Most store-bought yogurts contain added sugar, so we choose to make our own homemade yogurt in the crockpot. Stir in some pureed fruit with honey or maple syrup to make flavored yogurt. My kids love my homemade strawberry yogurt!

11. Hard Boiled Eggs

If you need a protein-packed snack, hard-boiled eggs are the way to go. I frequently boil a dozen or so at a time so we can have a quick and filling snack on hand. They are also convenient when you need food to-go! My son loves to dip his eggs in seasoning salt – yum!

12. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Kids love kabobs! Make kabobs with cubed cheese and fresh fruit for a fun and easy snack.

13. Salmon or Tuna with Crackers

Make a quick spread from canned salmon and serve it with nut-based crackers for dipping.

14. Fruit Leather

If you have a dehydrator, homemade fruit leather is a snap to make. The kids will love it too (it’s a healthier fruit roll up – that’s made with actual fruit).

15. Homemade Larabars

Larabars are made with dates, nuts, fruit, and spices and are very convenient snacks. However, at over $1 per bar, they are not so easy on the wallet. You can make your own at home instead and customize them based on your family’s tastes!

16. Ants on a Log

This classic just doesn’t get old. If you’ve never made this fun snack before, simply cut celery (the logs), fill with peanut butter, and top with raisins (ants).

17. Raw Veggies with Hummus

Hummus is strangely a hit with our kids – especially if it’s spicy! Serve it with raw veggies or nut-based crackers.

18. Nachos

Okay, probably not the healthiest option, but sometimes it’s all about the ingredients. Spread a layer of organic corn chips on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Top with shredded cheese and bake at 350° until the cheese is melted. Add salsa, guacamole, sour cream or any other toppings you like!

19. Banana Ice Cream

I know what you’re thinking – first nachos, now ice cream?? Relax, this ice cream has just one ingredient. Yes, ONE. Bananas! To make this “ice cream”, freeze sliced bananas and blend in a food processor until creamy. If you’re feeling crazy, add in a little cacao powder and some peanut butter and prepare to be “wow”ed.

20. Bean Burritos

I love to cook big batches of pinto beans and freeze them in small portions. It’s so easy to grab some beans out of the freezer and heat them up for a quick snack. My son loves bean burritos so I make them for him quite often. I just heat the beans in a small sauce pan (adding water if needed), add a little taco seasoning, and spread in an organic sprouted corn tortilla.

What are some of your favorite gluten-free snacks?

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