DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

This peppermint sugar scrub is so incredibly easy to whip up and it makes a wonderful gift!

This sugar scrub smells amazing and is so incredibly easy to make! Seriously, you’re going to wonder why bath and beauty stores charge so much for stuff like this.

I love making my sugar scrubs with peppermint essential oils because it’s invigorating, but you could use any essential oil that you like! I think lemon, orange, or lavender would be wonderful.

This peppermint sugar scrub is so incredibly easy to whip up and it makes a wonderful gift!

You can also use any kind of sugar that you want. I recommend you stick with organic sugar though because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. That’s why I also recommend high quality essential oils like Young Living Essential Oils. You can read all about why I chose them and how I use them on my Essential Oils page.

This peppermint sugar scrub is so incredibly easy to whip up and it makes a wonderful gift!

I used grapeseed oil for this sugar scrub because I was running low on coconut oil, but you can use jojoba, almond, olive, or coconut oil for this. I like that the grapeseed oil added a little color to the sugar. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combos to find the one that you like best for your skin!

I like to use this sugar scrub on my hands and feet in the winter. It would also be good for smoothing and moisturizing knees and elbows.

Now, prepare yourself for silky smooth skin!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub



  1. Add the sugar to a mixing bowl.
  2. Gradually pour in the oil and stir to combine. You may not need the full cup of oil - you want just enough to moisten all of the sugar without it being too oily.
  3. Add in your essential oil and mix well.
  4. Store in an airtight container.

This would make a great homemade Christmas gift!

I’ve also got a special FREEBIE for my email subscribers – Printable Sugar Scrub Labels! Sign up for my email newsletter and you’ll get access to my FREE printable labels that you can use for your sugar scrub! The labels are designed to fit Avery 2″ glossy white round labels (#22807). Just print, peel, and stick to the top of your regular-mouth canning jar lid!

This peppermint sugar scrub is so incredibly easy to whip up and it makes a wonderful gift!

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  1. Hi there, I have subscribed to your newsletter, but how do I access the free printable labels? Thanks!

  2. Rachel B. says:

    Great site! I signed up for your newsletter…however I didn’t get the link to print the DIY peppermint sugar scrub labels.
    Can send it to me?

  3. Hi there. I’m interested in using this recipe for Christmas this year. I see that your picture has a 4oz jar featured. How much does this specific recipe produce?

  4. I am normally not a fan of homemade lotions and scrubs, but I LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing! I clicked the link to confirm my subscription, but can’t find the labels. Can you help me with that please? Thank you!!

  5. Are you supposed to melt the cocoa nut oil before adding it??

  6. Lauren Wilson says:

    Hi! I am interested in using Coconut oil. But since Coconut oil becomes solid at such a moderate temp does it make it difficult to mix and then use the scrub? Would you recommend using other oils for A+ presentation. I ask because I am planning to make this scrub as a gift and I don’t want my friends getting too clumpy of scrub.

  7. HI, thanks so much, but like your other responses, I signed up for newsletter but never received confirmation. Thanks in advance…

  8. Hi there! Made this -but, didn’t add the 1 full cup of coconut oil, put in mason jar and put aside. A few days later now, I checked it and it’s rock hard. Should I add more coconut oil (liquid form) or vitamin e?


  9. Katrina Laubach says:

    Love this! Just finished making! Signed up for the newsletter but it has been an hour or two after confirming and still haven’t received an email with the labels to go with it…do you know if it is still sending the labels? I know most of the comments are from a few months ago….Thank you!

  10. I subscribed to the newsletter but never got a second email to download the labels. Do I need to do something else?

    Thank you!


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